A Vertical Life
Bromfield Gallery
A Vertical Life is a view of our relationships with things and how our collections are stored, categorized and displayed vertically. It attempts to provide a fresh perspective on this human practice and to re-contextualize, revitalize and energize our understanding and enjoyment of common things in un-common connections.
Pavlov’s Ladder-artists’ neckties+piping 
Hundreds of Windsor-knotted neckties climb a gradually rising pole piercing the wall and aiming toward the sky. It comments on business world programming with its hierarchy, uniforms, and rules that condition one’s assent toward success. An interesting play of color, pattern and rhythm bridges the two rooms.
Our CEO-aged-salami, silk tie
Made with Genoa salami and silk necktie, is a comment on the goals of the corporate world, success and our participation in the ultimate end game.
Never Not Now -144 chiming watches set to chime twice a day
A hive of 144 wristwatches wrapped around a suspended pendulum ticking and chiming to the hour, which speaks of the tyranny of time and its separation from the present moment.
Totem and Halo-sharp metal road hazards
These vertical compositions are made from my continuing collection of road hazards, which began 33 years ago, including nails and screws and other sharp objects gathered from the streets of the world.
60-collage and gouache on paper-9x12” ea.
A creation of sixty pieces in sixty days as a response to my 60th birthday.